Southfork Country Church

Connecting the Community to Christ


Southfork Country Church is a simple place where we worship God and preach the true gospel, the good news of salvation through the blood of Jesus Christ. We invite you to join us to experience the transformative nature of our church.

Our Mission


1. SERVE GOD through biblical, Christ-centered preaching and authentic worship through southern and country gospel style music.

2. LOVE OTHERS as Christ loves us; for who we are now and who we can become in Jesus.

3. SERVE THE WORLD through local and foreign missions, giving to and loving our community, and sharing the love of Christ and the good news of salvation with our neighbors.

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Sunday Services

9:30 AM – Bible Study

10:30 AM – Worship and Children's Ministry


6605 McWhirter Road

Parker, TX 75002

SFCC Events



January 12th 2020

Title: Purpose #1: Worship (Loving God), Matthew 22:37-39

Goal: Commit to both Weekly Corporate (Church) Worship Daily. Individual Worship or “quite time” using the book ‘God is With You Everyday,’ by Max Lucado.

January 19th 2020

Title: Purpose #2: Ministry (Loving Others), Matthew 22:37-39

Goal: Commit and pray about the Church. Get involved with a ministry at SFCC. Commit to take a “Spiritual Gifts Survey Assessment” as a part of Purpose #4. 

January 26th 2020

Title: Purpose #3: Evangelism (Telling Others), Matthew 28:19-20

Goal: Commit to attend S.B.E.L (Southfork Brownbag Evangelism Lunch.) This is a time of prayer, brainstorming, planning, dreaming, and asking, “God, what do YOU want SFCC to do this year with Evangelism and Outreach?”

February 2nd 2020

Title: Purpose #4: Discipleship 101 (Teaching Others), Matthew 28:19-20

Goal: Attend a 10-Week ‘Discipleship Training Class’ at SFCC on Sunday mornings at 9:30am. Ask yourself this question, “Who can I possibly disciple?”

February 9th 2020

Title: Purpose #5: Fellowship (Welcoming Others), Matthew 28:19-20

Goal: Join an “SFCC Community Group” these groups will meet regularly and will bring Outreach to individuals who may have fallen out of Church or who may have never experienced the wonder power of the Lord.

February 16th 2020

Title: The 5-Purposes (Why They Work), Matthew 22 and 28

Goal: Review, Apply, and Commit 

Prayer Request

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