Southfork Country Church


Connecting the Community to Christ

Southfork Country Church is a simple place where we worship God and preach the true gospel, the good news of salvation through the blood of Jesus Christ. We invite you to join us to experience the transformative nature of our church.


Our Mission

1. SERVE GOD through biblical, Christ-centered preaching and authentic worship through southern and country gospel style music.

2. LOVE OTHERS as Christ loves us; for who we are now and who we can become in Jesus.

3. SERVE THE WORLD through local and foreign missions, giving to and loving our community, and sharing the love of Christ and the good news of salvation with our neighbors.


Join Us This Sunday

Sunday Services

9:30 AM – Bible Study

10:30 AM – Worship and Children's Ministry


6605 McWhirter Road

Parker, TX 75002



Dear SFCC Family,

In light of all that is going on with the COVID-19, your Pastors and Leadership Team have unanimously agreed that is time now for us to take every possible precaution to protect our congregation. Accordingly, effective immediately, we are canceling our open, public Sunday services (including the Discipleship 101 Bible Studies) until further notice. HOWEVER, we will have a small team including the Pastor, Associate Pastor, and several members of the music/worship team that will continue to meet at the church to enable us to keep the 10:30 AM music service and the sermon ongoing; but to stream it live on both Facebook; and to be available on our church website at Please pray for Daniel, and the rest of this dedicated team that will be keeping our services alive in real time online. 

We also urge you watch your emails closely for further communication, and go to our Facebook page:   and our web site at often, as we will be posting information on both sites regularly during this trying time.

The main issue here that we are trying to address is the fact that anyone, any age can unknowingly become a “carrier” of this horrible virus. No matter how hard we try to “sanitize” the church property, we cannot control the people coming in. Furthermore, we love the entire congregation; and we know that some of you have very unique personal situations that put you and your families at very high risk, and you must take all measures to protect yourselves and your families. We do not want any one of you to feel you are letting the Lord or church down by not coming to services right now.

God is sovereign, and full of grace. On that we can rest assured. He will get us, and the whole nation, through this. But we believe God gave us (unlike all of his other creatures) the ability to think, exercise common sense, and to make choices (good or bad). Thus, we believe this situation is a great example of where need to do just that.

We pray for God’s loving safety and mercy for all of you during this trying time and urge you to pray for one another. Also, please NEVER forget, that Bro. Bobby and Bro. Jim are always available to assist you with any needs you may have during this period of time. Do not hesitate to reach out to either or both of us at any time. We are here to serve you.


Bro. Bobby Tollison, Pastor

Cell: (214) 326-1857


Bro. Jim England, Associate Pastor, Worship & Administration

Cell: (972) 834-4560


Prayer Request

Prayer Request for Pastor Bobby