Community Groups

Community Groups

Outreach to Our Local Communities 2020

Living in community is essential to fellowship and helping bring individuals closer to God. Our Lord created us in his image and for Christians to be Christlike. We are made into disciples to spread the good news. Jesus is the ONLY way into heaven (John 14:6.) Rather than merely gathering on Sunday for a common purpose, Scripture urges us to interact with others outside the church walls. SFCC encourages that interaction through Community Groups.

Every Community Group will take on its own personality as people come together to share experiences, discuss the Bible, and live life together. We would encourage everyone who attends SFCC to be connected to a Local Community Group.

How are these groups formed? Email me directly by using the form below. Please indicate if you want to be a (leader of a new group) or if you just want to join a current group already in progress. Community Group Leaders need to be active members of SFCC Church. The Community Groups will be held in the Group Leaders home. All the groups information will be looked over by Pastor Bobby and our Leadership Team to help form each group. Typically, the groups will meet once or twice a month to fellowship and hold each other accountable. The CG Leader will set the date and time for each meeting every month. Each group should have no more than six to eight in a group. Keeping the Community groups small will encourage individuals to be open and have a free discussion.

  1. Sign up for a Community Group using the email link below.
  2. Recruit some friends.
  3. Continue the conversation.

Your friends can be people from SFCC, people from work, neighbors, family. If you have any questions or need any additional direction, we recommend that you reach out to Daniel Watts E-Ministry Director or 469-600-6918.

If you live in your comfort zone, you will stop growing.



Community Groups